Business Succession Planning

Protecting and Preserving your Family Business

Unfortunately, the odds are against you if you are interested in successfully passing ownership of your closely-held business to your children, other family members and/or key employees.  There are many obstacles, for example, transfer taxes, timing, liquidity, retirement income needs, unreasonable expectations, etc.  The law firm of Hall Scott LLP can assist you in putting together a business succession plan which enables you to successfully pass ownership of your closely-held business.

Each succession plan is specifically constructed to the particular desires of the client, ensuring that they continue to exercise the level of control that is necessary to the future success of the business.

Our business succession planning attorneys can assist you in devising a succession plan which identifies and focuses upon customers and vendors, middle managers capable of executive promotions and exit strategies.

We typically work with your other advisors (for example, accountants, life insurance agents,  financial planners and business coaches/consultants) to develop a business succession plan that meets your needs.  We have extensive experience and are most interested in helping you when this particular need arises.