Estate Planning

At Hall Scott LLP we help our clients achieve their estate planning and business planning goals and also think through and plan for life’s unexpected turns.  We advise our clients on taking measures to protect themselves, their family and their assets now and in the future. 

Do I need an estate plan?

Creating a will and/or trust is a measure taken to ensure that your assets are preserved and your loved ones are provided for, particularly in the event of an untimely death. A will and/or a trust can clearly set forth your intentions for asset and property distribution. Without a written plan, Indiana laws will decide how, when and to whom your estate is distributed.

We will help you decide if a will and/or a trust is right for you.  We will structure your estate plan to minimize or eliminate federal estate taxes. Our attorneys will advise you on the mechanics for establishing one or more trusts to transfer assets and property to your designated beneficiaries including individuals and charities at the appropriate time.

In the day-to-day bustle of life, most of us never stop to consider what we would do if we suddenly became incapable of managing our affairs. Power of attorney forms and other disability planning documents are essential; it being everyone’s goal to avoid legal disputes that would financially harm your family.

Hall Scott LLP is committed to offering creative estate planning solutions that are as unique as the families and individuals we serve. Creating an estate plan that realizes your goals is merely the first step. Our attorneys desire to earn long lasting relationships with clients, continuing to advise and counsel them on most any legal issue that may arise.

To learn more about our extensive estate planning practice, please contact Hall Scott LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Shielding Clients from Excessive Taxation

United States tax law can be a daunting and foreboding maze of statutes, regulations, caselaw and administrative precedent. It is essential that you involve an experienced attorney who can help you preserve your assets and protect your estate from unnecessary taxes.

Careful tax planning is especially critical when planning your estate. At Hall Scott LLP, our attorneys can help you safeguard your interests by devising tax planning strategies that meet your goals. We review ever-changing tax laws so as to provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and service.

Our tax planning attorneys routinely consider strategies for protecting assets and property from excessive taxation, particularly federal estate taxes. We educate clients on minimizing state inheritance and estate taxes through lifetime gifting, credit shelter planning, lifetime sale/purchase transactions and charitable gifting.

Our extensive tax planning practice involves:

  • Representation on probate and trust administration matters
  • Establishing credit shelter trusts and irrevocable trusts
  • Advising on use of annual gift tax exclusion
  • Advising on charitable gifts
  • Consulting with fiduciaries
  • Structuring generation-skipping transfers
  • Filing federal estate and state inheritance tax returns
  • Handling tax audits