Estate & Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, someone is charged with the task of discharging debts and administering the decedent’s estate and/or trust. If you have been placed in such a position, you may have many questions about how to proceed.

At Hall Scott LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana, an estate/trust administration attorney with significant knowledge and experience will guide you through the process of distributing estate and trust assets to the heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with your fiduciary duties. Richard Hall, and Shawn Scott have over 55 years of combined experience in estate and trust administration matters. Our firm is committed to providing effective and efficient legal services during the estate/trust administration process.

Our firm understands that individuals may feel overwhelmed by estate and trust administration. Our legal team stands behind clients at every stage of the process. We review wills, trusts, beneficiary forms, etc., assist clients in locating and cataloging assets and take all steps necessary to prepare for the proper transfer of assets.

In short, we do everything within our power to ensure an orderly estate and trust administration process. Contact us for more information.